101 Freelance Lessons (Learned The Hard Way)

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"Such a useful book, full of specific reflections from Tom's own career whilst being applicable to freelancers at every level. It almost feels like it's a diary that has been abridged into lessons. Tom has really injected his own personal experience into it which makes it so rich!"
- Patrick Gallagher

"If this book had been on hand when I first started out I could have saved myself days of non-productivity, creative block, nights of sleeplessness, and had the confidence to just believe in myself. Seriously, stop reading my review and buy the book!"
- Sean Monaghan

About the book & author

Ever wondered what freelance life is actually like in the real world? Well, with this book you can learn from a pro freelancer who's learned things the hard way, so you don't have to!

That pro freelancer is Thomas Davis: a motion designer who’s spent almost his entire working career as a freelancer. Like so many others, Thomas took the leap into freelancing without truly knowing the reality of what would be involved. The result? He’s had to learn a lot of freelance lessons the hard way.

This book is the culmination of Thomas’s years of experience freelancing the hard way. It is a practical, honest, realistic view of what freelancing is like in the real world. It's a guide to help other freelancers avoid making the same mistakes.

Whether you’re new to freelancing, an established freelancer, or interested in becoming a freelancer in the future, this book will give you the heads up you need to navigate freelance life.

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3 ratings
  • 101 Freelance Lessons (Learned The Hard Way)

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  • 101 Freelance Lessons (Learned The Hard Way)
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  • Length223 Pages


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101 Freelance Lessons (Learned The Hard Way)

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